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There are many different ways you can utilize our Peer Support Team:

For Yourself

If you want to speak with one of our Peers, you can call any one of us using the information on our “peer” page, at any time. We can speak with you over the phone, meet you at a location of your choosing, or just check in with you from time to time. This can be about any mental health issues and stress resulting from the job or from your personal life.


For Your PEER

If you feel like someone you work with may benefit from talking with a Peer, feel free to call one of us to check on them. We’ll either call them or visit them and make sure they know they are cared about. In this case, it may help for you to let them know you’re concerned about them and encourage them to give us a call.


For Your TEAM

If you are dispatched to any type of call you think may warrant a visit from our team, let us know and we’ll be happy to visit you and your crew at your station to give everyone an opportunity to decompress. If it becomes a call that requires you to be on scene for an extended length of time, we can even go to the scene and work with incident command to ensure everyone is taken care of mentally.



You may see us visiting stations from time to time. This gives everyone a chance to be updated on our resources, or just to sit down and talk with us outside of critical incidents.

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